Meet Dr. Lauritzen

I love meeting people and learning their stories. My goal is always to boost confidence through creating superior smiles and educating my patients so they can avoid future dental problems. I believe that your self-image is tied directly to your smile, and my work can improve your smile and therefore enhance your quality of life.


Continuing Education and Professional Collaboration:

I continue to participate in education because it’s a great way to stay informed about new findings in the field and to constantly evaluate how I, as a doctor, am doing. New technology, techniques, and knowledge are constantly being added to orthodontics, and I believe that I must be current with it all to deliver the best quality care possible. Sometimes things move so fast it is like seeing a small piece of history in the making.

I truly value being on the forefront of all these advances and like to evaluate the newest developments myself to see if they live up to the high standards I demand for your oral care. The most valuable resource is the professional community. They help shape my opinions and keep my skills sharp and first-rate. I am involved with numerous professional organizations including:

Additionally, I find collaboration through attending numerous lectures every year at universities including Stanford and the University of California extremely valuable.

In the Office

I truly enjoy my job. Whatever makes your visit fun is my priority, because I want you to enjoy being here. I’m always looking for great jokes and appreciate a good laugh in any form. I consider myself a highly trained professional who is constantly being reeducated in the profession. It comforts me to know of the newest improvements and skills and how they will impact orthodontics directly and indirectly. I am always happy to educate you about the particulars of your treatment. If you’re not comfortable here, neither am I.

Outside Our Doors

I am entirely devoted to my wife and our children and love living in Chowchilla, CA. I am involved in the community byway of the Merced Downtown Rotary Club. When I can I enjoy flying airplanes, boating, shooting sports, and viticulture. I like excitement and being active. 

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